About Us

Graduating from a fashion design program at the top of her class..the owner could be thought of as a little bit of a nerd....but right up there with her love of all things fashion  is her love of interior design and 5 star accommodations. Thankfully they are very much the alike. Put together with a love for the old and the  new,  City Girl Vintage Closet was created.

City Girl was born and raised in the city, first Europe ,then Canada where sky scrapers, cement, hustle and bustle, traffic are the norm. Where you can jump on a bus, train or in a cab at any given time of the day or night and be anywhere in the city . There is always a choice of restaurants, and if you prefer to cook at home...there’s a 24hr grocery store somehwere. One interesting things to do in the city is to sit on a patio with a glass of wine and watch people go by. Stylish women in high heels and expensive bags sporting newly coiffed hair...streetwise trendsetters. Men with manicured nails designer shoes and of course a great belt...a must have for a stylish city boy. All unique in their own way with their own sense of style.The lights of the city at night can be mesmorizing...it’s never too dark.

Despite loving everything about the city there was a longing  for a simplier life..the quiet of the country. For long drives in the countryside stopping at antique stores, flea markets and definitely garage sales...nothing like a great garage sale. Most of the time to buy things cause we love them in order to transform whatever  purhcased into a one of a kind treasures fit for the a downtown condo, or stylish country house.

We finally followed our heart and purchased an old farmhouse in the country.. and when we say old...we mean old...150 years old to exact..lol and moved out of the city..well not too far. We still need our city fix every now and then.

The first time driving at night it was so dark.  the leaves  could be heard rustling on the trees...almost never heard in the city.  Fire flies could be seen lighting up...yup  fire flies..thats a big deal to a city girl.

Our new old home stands on 2.5 acres of land and includes a beautiful barn full of space for the workshop and treasures. After much thought we decided to restore the barn and make a beautiful space for old city friends and new country friends to purchase treasures both old and new.

Welcome To The City... I’m city girl, and these are my treasures.