Snakeskin- A Throwback From The 80's

Snake Skin- A Throwback From The 80's

The fashion world is no stranger to what was once old becoming new again. The 1980s, a decade of audacious styles and vibrant aesthetics, some of which some would like to forget, gave birth to countless iconic fashion statements. Among those was the allure of snake skin. Let's journey back to this era and discover how snake skin slithered its way into the hearts of many, and why it remains a timeless trend.

The Bold and The Beautiful

Snake makes a statement. Whether it’s with  boots, jackets, or handbags, snake skin offers a unique blend of luxury and edge. The feel of snake skin is unique. Its natural pattern between the  smoothness of and the slightly raised texture of the scales themselves, combined with a variety of colors, allows designers to play with bold contrasts, fitting seamlessly into the decade's love for excess.

A Symbol of Luxury

Snake skin, especially genuine python or cobra, are not just about aesthetics. Owning a piece signifies a certain affluence. During the 80’s high-end brands integrated snake skin into their collections, further elevating its status.

The Modern Revival

Today snake skin remains as sought after and  relevant as ever. The fashion realm sees periodic resurgences of this iconic pattern, proving its timeless appeal. Modern designers are blending contemporary styles with this classic material, crafting pieces that resonate with both nostalgia and current trends. As fashion continues its cyclical dance, we can be sure that snake skin will always find its way back, reminding us of the bold and beautiful era of the 80s.

Original vintage  pieces can still be found if you look.

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