Handbags....An Investment Or Not???

For many of us the thought of seeing rows of bags in our closet is something we dream about but the cost of some handbags may be out of our reach...causing us to ask ourselves...is this worth it....is this really a good investment???

We say yes...depending in what you buy. 

If you love handbags then we suggest buying what you love and enjoying it...there are many options at different price points.

If an investment piece is what you're after....and by investment we mean, retains all if not most of its retail price.

We suggest the following  brands: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel. They retain their value, sometimes appreciating in value from the retail price, depending on

  • If there is a waiting list
  • If the bag is currently being sold, or is no longer available
  • How prestigious the bag is

Louis Vuitton pieces develop a patina on the leather over time...lovers of the brand can't wait for this patina to develop...which only happens  over time so if you can buy a piece in great condition, that already has the patina... it's a win win.