Graduating at the top of her class from a fashion design program, the owner could be considered a bit of a nerd. However, alongside her passion for all things fashion, she holds a deep love for interior design and 5-star accommodations. Fortunately, these two worlds align perfectly. Fueled by a love for both the old and the new, City Girl Vintage Closet was born.

City Girl was born and raised in the city, first in Europe, then in Canada, where skyscrapers, concrete, hustle, and bustle, along with traffic, were the norm. You could hop on a bus, train, or in a cab at any time of the day or night to be anywhere in the city. Dining options were abundant, and if you preferred to cook at home, there was a 24-hour grocery store somewhere nearby. One interesting pastime in the city was sitting on a patio with a glass of wine, watching people pass by – stylish women in high heels and expensive bags, flaunting newly coiffed hair, and streetwise trendsetters, all uniquely stylish in their own way. The city lights at night could be mesmerizing; it was never too dark.

Despite loving everything about the city, there was a longing for a simpler life, the tranquility of the countryside. Long drives in the countryside, stopping at antique stores, flea markets, and, of course, garage sales, where you could always find a hidden gem, were a cherished pastime. Purchases were driven by a genuine love for the items, destined to be transformed into one-of-a-kind treasures suitable for downtown condos, stylish country houses.

Eventually, we followed our hearts and acquired an old farmhouse in the countryside. When we say old, we mean ancient – precisely 150 years old! We moved out of the city, but not too far; we still needed our occasional city fix.

The first night we drove through the countryside, it was astonishingly dark. The leaves rustled in the trees, a sound almost unheard of in the city. Fireflies lit up the night – yes, fireflies. It was a big deal for a city girl.

Our new-old home sits on 3 acres of land and includes a beautiful barn with ample space for workshops and treasures. After much consideration, we decided to start to  restore the barn and create a wonderful space for old city friends and new country friends to discover treasures, both old and new.

Welcome to the city. I'm City Girl, and these are my treasures.